Why a Brewery Virtual Tour?

Showcase The Atmosphere

Trying to attract a social crowd to your brewery involves not only a quality brew selection, but a quality experience of social atmosphere. Even the best brewed beers can’t save a boring brewery. Luckily, your brewery isn’t boring, but a photo of your menu or bar on your website might not show that as effectively as you would like. With a virtual tour, you can showcase that physical and social atmosphere, and allow a potential patron to virtually experience that atmosphere for themselves, from table to bar to bathroom, instead of simply hoping for a good experience.

Market Your Uniqueness

With the popularity of social breweries growing by the day, a lot of breweries are trying to be unique with their features, like continuous outdoor seating with a heat curtain, or windows that show the fermentation tanks in the back. But using words or simple photos on your website probably does not do justice to the unique experience your brewery can provide. A virtual tour can put every cool feature of your brewery into a larger context, and allow a potential customer to get a real taste of the unique social experience they are looking for at your establishment.