As technology has continued constantly progressing, and an online presence has become more and more important for businesses to succeed, real estate agents and realtors are starting to see why a 3D scan of a property is so beneficial. We have all been browsing the web and at some point or another, have come across a 3D digital model of some sort. Whether its a digital model that you can check out for use in a 3D printer, or even just a street view on Google Maps that lets you look around as if you were actually there, 3D technology has become more advanced and more widespread as the years have gone on. At the same time, virtual reality has also become more advanced and widespread, with a quick rise in virtual gaming systems and virtual reality capabilities evident in the last decade.

And when combining these 3D virtual technologies with real estate property marketing strategies, you might be able to see why they have been able to work so well together. In the real estate industry, informing your buyers and allowing them to imagine themselves in the home is a critical part of the selling and buying process. For realtors, providing a 3D model of a home to a potential buyer is literally the most advanced technology that we have, and can transport the potential buyer into a home, allowing them to imagine themselves living in it. This technology takes advantage of the online nature of modern real estae and property advertising, and pushes its effectiveness to a whole new level. What’s more? It has the stats to back it up. 

The Benefits of a 3D Virtual Tour

According to the 2019 NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report, 98% of all potential buyers “frequently” used the internet to search for a home, and among those buyers, 46% found 3D virtual tours “very useful” in determining which home they eventually purchased. And real estate listings that used more visual content, like virtual tours, received over 400% more inquiries than those without visual content. Matterport, a leading provider of 3D virtual tour technologies, has some incredible stats about properties that were marketed with virtual tours. Homes that are listed with a virtual tour generate:

  • 40% more clicks on the property
  • 95% more phone inquiries about the property
  • 65% more email inquiries about the property
  • 49% more qualified leads on the property
  • 300-600% more time spent engaging with property listings

These statistics are incredible. In this modern era, you can’t really advertise your home effectively unless you list your property online in some form. But these stats seem to show that you can advertise your property more effectively than any other online listing by simply providing a 3D virtual tour of the home. You don’t even need to make use of 3D scanning technology, as high-quality photos mixed with some effective editing can create an engaging video that still serves the same purpose: allowing a potential buyer to imagine themselves in this home. 

Potential buyers get to imagine a view of the living room from a well-placed armchair, or how the dining room is naturally lit as they come back home from work every day, or how easy it is to see the backyard from the kitchen sink. And they get to do all of this from the comfort of their own computer. This convenience and imaginative marketing is the exact combination that any good realtor or potential seller should want to instill in a potential buyer, a combination that can be provided by a 3D virtual tour.

3D Virtual Tours from Absolute Imagery Recall

As you can see from this blog, the benefits of using a 3D virtual tour for your property are incredible. Whether you are in sell-now mode or you are just preparing for the day you do finally list your home, a 3D virtual tour is an incredible tool that will get your home in the sight and mind of potential buyers all over. A 3D virtual real estate tour might not be able to increase your home’s value, but it makes any marketing or attempt to sell your home that much more valuable.

That is why Absolute Imagery Recall is proud to provide quality 3D virtual tour services to clients all over the Northern Colorado and Rocky Mountain area. Our 3D virtual tours are extremely high-quality, and allow for a very effective navigation through a property, similar to the Street View offered by Google Maps/Earth except on a smaller scale. We also offer aerial drone footage of your property, providing more ways that a potential buyer can imagine this home they are viewing to soon be theirs. Give us a call today and see how Absolute Imagery Recall can provide the quality real estate marketing services and technologies that your property deserves.